About US

We are Amir&Farshad 
In Dec 2020 we decided to enter NFTs space and started the journey by creating the XmasBook project.
We had concerns about the environmental problems and thought about making an entertaining solution for this challenge then Xmasbook was born! Our goal for XmasBook is the anyone who is concerned about environmental problems to use NFTs instead of real trees. cause our nature matters!

XmasBook V0 was created and released on dec2020 on Ethereum main net
After 1 year we decided to release Xmasbook V1 with so many features and revolutionary graphical design
We collaborate with Amir Panahi artist/painter/gallery host IRL and he joined our team on nov2021
And we created XmasBook V1 with watercolor handprinted elements.
We intersected art&technology together!

On Jan 2022 After release XmasBook V1 we are going to make a New project Called SpaceHook
The project was designed to fit on social networks banners and can be used as a Twitter banner
This project has a Space context and we are going to transform this project into a P2E game in the future.
SpaceHook distribution is free claimable to encourage the L2 community into NFTs.
SpaceHook is planned to release on 22 Feb 22.

Made With ♥️ by XmasBook Team