XmasBook is a picture book of generative NFTs made from hand painted watercolor images. Each of the 2022 NFTs includes a unique machine-generated story on-chain


XmasBook characters gathered here to save one Xmas tree in one fictional Xmas Night that these characters celebrate Holiday without chopping down a tree.These characters talk to each other at the party in a fictional place underneath the moon near a live tree. They have unique dialogue and personality and each are here to raising awareness about wide range of environmental and humanitarian problem.

What is The XmasBook?

What is XmasBook? It’s a picture book #NFTcollectibles with hand painted watercolor + generative algorithms. each of 2022 pieces have a machine made unique story on chain.
Each piece have 3 character’s (cast) that gathered Xmas party. all of these character’s have unique concerns and dia​logues.
These stories have been stored fully on chain without using any memory! you can query each story by token id at:https://optimistic.etherscan.io/
This collection have 4K resolution (2160X3840) that fits perfectly on TVs and big screens.
embedded rarity: ranking system like poker cardsthree of a kind > pair > high card ;)
we implemented metadata twice: 1.Fully on-chain metadata 2.#IPFS
metadata for backward compatibility.
last year
was on L1(https://opensea.io/collection/xmastree…) this year we brought
V2 with new features on L2s because environmental project need environmental chain and we decided to release V2 on
Optimism PBC
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It’s type of SerialNFT with 2021 unique story, each story made by collaboration of 3 characters out of 18 from Xmas Tree Force(XTF).
Each episode have a semantic value that made by unique combination of dialogues that each characters are saying.(there is no same story here) Each combination represent a unique meaning.Semantic attributes :Such as environmental issues ,virus awareness, global warming awareness ,polar wildlife.
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